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SAS is a national entrepreneurship program in the field of Information and communication technology (ICT). It aims at providing the foundation and widening the horizons for the entrepreneurs to enrich the Sultanate by establishing IT projects that foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the ICT sector in Oman.

The name "SAS" is derived from a locally used term which refers to any solid foundation like a house foundation. Hence, “SAS Program” is designed to provide the foundation for creating new ICT projects to be solidly built.

The main objectives of SAS Entrepreneurship program are:

  1. Managing the establishment of the small and medium businesses in ICT industry in Oman.
  2. Facilitate the growth of ICT industry in the Sultanate to be internationally competitive.
  3. Attracting more local and international ICT investments.
  4. Creating new jobs throughout establishing ICT competitive companies in the Omani market.
  5. Encourage Omani youth to self-employ and to create innovative technological products.

The project provides the following services:

  1. Conducting specialized courses in Business and Human Resources.
  2. Providing services in accounting, finance, marketing, consulting, guidance and direction.
  3. Conducting individual skills and self-development workshops.
  4. Building new relations with local and international entities that share the same interest.
  5. Facilitating getting support from Al Raffd Fund.

The project targets the invigorated students and jobseekers willing to start businesses and potential entrepreneurs who need support.

SAS center has achieved a great and noticeable success for it has supported establishing 17 companies since its inception in 2013. Net profits of 12 companies has reached 524,000 OR.

Currently, there are more than 14 companies incubated by SAS Program. These companies varies in their core business and services. More details of the incubated companies and their contacts are available in this document:
SAS incubated Companies

On 27th of January 2015 IT Authority has won Entrepreneurship Prize in the category of the best governmental institution that supports entrepreneurship.

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