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Public Authority for Social Insurance holds the responsibility of providing social insurance services in Oman. Its vision is “To ensure social protection for individuals, families, and the society under an insurance scheme that is based on the principles of justice and social solidarity and is comprehensive and sustainable.” In fact, Social Insurance Law is a translation of Oman’s efforts to ensure social protection for everyone, inside and outside Oman.

The authority is responsible for applying the provisions of Social Insurance Law such as: insurance against old age, disability, and death risks, insurance against work injuries and occupational accidents, insurance for Omanis working abroad, application of the common system of social insurance for nationals of GCC countries working in other countries in any member country of the GCC, and application of social protection system for self-employed Omanis or those legally assimilated to this statue. Public Authority for Social Insurance has eight branches in Salalah, Suhar, Nizwa, Ibri, Buraimi, Ibra, Sur, and Rustaq to ensure comprehensive and integrated benefit from the provisions of the law.

Pension Scheme Coverage for GCC

The pension scheme coverage for GCC, issued by the Royal Decree No 5/2006, is one of the common achievements of GCC countries, whereby occupational safety and stability are being insured for employees working in one of GCC members. Under this scheme, each of the member countries is committed to extend social insurance security for their nationals working abroad in the GCC countries either in public or private sectors. In addition, both employee and employer are subject to the civil pension/ social insurance terms and conditions in his/her country. The scheme, moreover, covers insurance for aging, disability, diseases, and death, and the employee has the right to benefit from insurance of work injuries and occupational accidents in the country of workplace. For more, please visit the CSEPF website.

Pension Fund

Oman has eight governmental pension funds. These funds consist of workers in both government and military sectors, and Public Authority for Social Insurance is the ninth fund that consists of some workers in the private sector.

The eight governmental funds are:

  • Civil Service Employees Pension Fund
  • Diwan of Royal Court Pension Fund
  • Defence Pension Fund
  • Oman Royal Police Pension Fund
  • Oman Royal Guard Pension Fund
  • Internal Security Pension Fund
  • Palace Office Pension Fund
  • Special Forces Pension Fund

Each retired employee from Civil Service or Public Authority for Social Insurance deserves one pension right which is pension salary, while in Diwan, each retired has two pension rights which are a salary and a grant. Grant, in Diwan, is half the salary of each year of service. In other funds, however, the retired obtains two pension rights which are a salary and a bonus equivalent to salary of each year.


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