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Among the major pillars of eOman strategy is the Whole –of – Government framework which aims to synchronize various government agencies in order to deliver services in an integrated and seamless way to foster an innovative approach. This holistic vision includes inclusive ICT sustainable development government, for greater collaboration among government agencies through a whole-of-government approach and collaborative governance. The integrated whole of government approach provides multiple opportunities to:

1. Improved effectiveness in public responses, coordinated policy responses to complex issues
2. Enhanced efficiency by reducing duplications of processes and procedures by effective program management
3. Enhanced service delivery by integrating services and thereby saving time and resources and increasing citizens’ trust in government.
4. Create platform to demonstrate government’s positive trust that citizens can be valuable partners in co-creating public value, including service delivery.

For that purpose, the Information Technology Authority, being the CIO in Oman, has found many Whole-of-Government enablers which are provided to government entities as central initiatives to boost the Integration in government. The ITA is also supervising and supporting many Whole of Government initiatives in this regard, including the main national data hubs, which are:

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Lands Hub

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Business Hub info

The following is all you need to know about Omani Government, as well as eGovernment Transformation Plan and M-Government policies and guidelines. This section also provides all statistics and development plans and strategies in Oman.

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