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Higher judicial institute

Overview Higher judicial institute

The Higher Judicial Institute was established by the Royal Decree No. 35/2010. It is specialized for qualifying and training profession competencies in the judicial and legal fields. The Institute also has several facilities such as a library, a computer lab, a conference hall, teaching and training rooms and a moot court.
The Institute has a number of faculty and training staff with high qualifications and experience. The Institute also draws on judges, members of Public Prosecution and others with experience and competence in teaching and training.


To be the best place for judicial and legal education and training at the highest levels of proficiency.


To educate and train various judicial and legal cadres using the latest scientific and technical methods in line with the continuous development and scientific and research updates.


  • Training the assistant judges and prosecutors and qualifying them knowledge-wise and practically in judiciary and public prosecution.
  • Working on developing the knowledge and practical level for the judges, members of the Administrative Court and members of Public Prosecutors.
  • Training the judicial agents and the like and the employees of Public Prosecution.
  • Training the legal employees who work at the administrative apparatus of the state and Omani lawyers.
  • Developing the scientific research and its consolidation in the branches of Sharia and judiciary laws. In order to achieve this, the Institute has the right to publish research, studies and seminars in the mentioned magazines.
  • Collecting and preserving the studies, research, the Sharia and judicial provisions and principles as well as preparing a database for legislative and judicial information.


  • Academic Programs (Graduate Diploma in Judicial Sciences)
  • Training Programs (Continuous Training)

Establishment Address

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    +968 25 43 12 15
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    +968 25 4311 27
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