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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources

Overview Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is initiated to enrich the fields related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries. It aims mainly at building and developing the agriculture and fisheries fields by developing the technologies used in these fields and implementing new supporting projects. This increases the crop and animal production and insures its good level of quality. Also, the Ministry performance aims at providing a sustainable food security in the Sultanate. The Terms of reference of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries include:

  • Policy development, plans and programs, use of agricultural and Livestock resources and aquatic organisms, implementation and evaluation to ensure its sustainability along with the associated resources and increase its contribution for the GDP.
  • Preparation the Royal draft laws and decrees, issuance of ministerial regulations and laws regarding the management and use of agricultural, Livestock, fisheries, rangelands resources and the related services in order to develop and maintain the proper use in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Investment development in agriculture, Livestock and fishery fields and related services in coordination with the concerned parties and encourage the private sector to establish projects that contribute in the development of agricultural, Livestock and fishery.
  • Conduct the agricultural, livestock and fisheries research studies to develop, evaluate their positions and work to strengthen productive capacity, testing and technical studies, facilitate transferring technology in those areas, finding solutions to practical problems and assess the fish stocks.
  • Prepare and implement the guidance and training programs for farmers, livestock owners and fishermen in order to transfer modern techniques, knowledge, improve their performance, raise the standard of living while preserving the heritage of knowledge and optimal use of resources.
  • Development the field management of irrigation water ,set plans and programs to increase the efficiency of its use and yield, development of agricultural lands, protect them from desertification, drifting and work on their fertility sustainability.
  • Protect agricultural wealth from pests and diseases and protect the associated resources from misuse, attrition and desertification.
  • Protection the living aquatic wealth from misuse including identification of tools, equipment and devices permitted for the use of fishing purposes.
  • Developing, encouraging and improving the aquaculture and providing the needed facilities to ensure its validity and sustainability.
  • Preparing and implementing programs, plans and regulations regarding the quality safety of agricultural products, livestock and aquatic resources to ensure the validity and solidity.
  • Management the agricultural and fisheries marketing develop and put controls organized in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Establishing, developing, managing fishing ports with providing all services to ensure good use of them.
  • Developing relations in the field of agriculture, water resources and livestock between the Sultanate and other countries, activating cooperation with bodies, specialized organizations and institutions, participate in regional and international conferences; represent the Sultanate in the negotiations and agreements related to the functions of the ministry.
  • Human resource development in the ministry in order to achieve the goals.


The Ministry focuses on the protection of agriculture, livestock and fisheries development and related resources and work on sustainability to be one of the important tributaries of the national economy.


Preservation of agriculture, livestock, soil and water resources and pastures, conduct related researches, dissemination of awareness and modern technologies between the target groups, development of fisheries and work on its sustain ability.


The Ministry concentrates on the policy development, plans and strategies to achieve the goals set.


  • Authorized Distributer Request
  • Commercial Fishing Ship Licence
  • Commercial Fishing Ship Sailing Permit
  • Commodity Purchase request (Normal conditions)
  • Consultancy Services on Fisheries Quality Control and Associated Products
  • Emergency food commodity distribution request
  • Establish protective walls for farmlands
  • Fisheries Products Manufacturing Installation Permit
  • Fishing Practicing Licence
  • Fresh Fisheries Analysis
  • Frozen Fisheries Analysis
  • Ice, Dissolved Water and Residues Analysis
  • Import Permit For Animal Feed
  • Import Permit For Livestock (sheep or goats)
  • Initial Licence for Coastal Fishing Ships
  • Investment in Fisheries Manufacturing Projects
  • Live Fish Stock Conservation
  • Live Fish Stock Import Permit
  • Live Fish Stock Nutrition Import Permit
  • Manufactured Fisheries Products Analysis
  • Nonprofessionals Fishing License
  • Permit import of live animals and birds
  • Permit to import Agricultural products
  • Permit to import Pesticides
  • Permit to import Plant /Plant products
  • Permit to import animal products and residue
  • Permit to import hatching Unit
  • Permit to import pets
  • Permit to set up animal or agricultural buildings
  • Permits for Expatriate Sailors or Technicians on Professional and Commercial Fishing Ships
  • Professional Fishing Boat Licence
  • Professional Fishing Ship Licence
  • Register a bee hive certificate
  • Release Import Permit For Livestock (cows)
  • Request 1 day Recreational Fishing Licence
  • Request Import permit for fertilizers and agricultural soil conditioners
  • Request a Permit Certificate for Animal Husbandry
  • Request commodities’ price list
  • Request financial support for the private sector in agriculture
  • Request financial support to buy tilling tools
  • Request for Agricultural Waste Grinding Machine
  • Request for Egg Hatchery Units
  • Request for Milk Pasteurization and Bottling Units
  • Request for a fragmentation of agricultural residues system of financial support
  • Request for license to import medicines and veterinary vaccines
  • Request for managing palm pests
  • Request for screening of veterinary medicines & vaccines
  • Request for shelter for plants
  • Request for spraying machines
  • Request for units CBS and manufacturing system of packaging Omani dates as a means of financial support
  • Request house plants through financial support
  • Request import permit for horses
  • Request large agricultural machinery through financial support
  • Request no-objection certificate to import live animals, animal products and veterinary medicine residue
  • Request screening of animals and birds for export
  • Request screening of imported animals
  • Request subsidy for Animal Shelter
  • Request subsidy for Automated Cow Milking Unit
  • Request subsidy for Cow Milking Machines
  • Request subsidy for Green Fodder Cutting Machines
  • Request subsidy for High Pressure Animal Sprayers
  • Request subsidy for Livestock Dipping Units
  • Request subsidy for Poultry Slaughter Houses
  • Request subsidy for Shearing Machines
  • Request subsidy for grain pedal system
  • Request subsidy for high-pressure Spraying machines
  • Request subsidy for honeybees breeding program
  • Request sugar cane pressing machinery through financial support
  • Request support for modern irrigation systems for farmlands
  • Request to change the use of an agricultural land
  • Request to develop falaj irrigation system
  • Rural women department services
  • Sea Mammals Stock Import Permit
  • Study and Evaluation of Risks Analysis System & Control of Critical Points
  • Training on Fisheries Products Manufacturing
  • Training on Fisheries Quality Control & Seafood Safety
  • Transfer of Live Fish Stock Licence (for one trip)
  • Transfer of Live Fish Stock Licence (for one year)
  • Veterinary License for Importing Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Veterinary License for Importing Semen, Ova and Embryos
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Animal by-products& animal Tools
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Live Fish & fish Products and Ornamental Fish
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Poultry
  • Veternary screening of animal products and residue for export

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