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Emergency food commodity distribution request

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In case of emergencies, commodities are distributed by The National Committee of Civil Defense and PASFR headed by the Ministry of Social Development, as follows:
  • Request to issue specific quantities from the Ministry of Social Development to the Head Committee in PASFR.
  • The Head Committee determines distribution of quantities to specific directorates in relation to the incident or the emergency.
  • The subcommittee in every directorate distributes the quantities of available commodities or coordinates with the private sector to provide them.

Emergency food commodity distribution request

Who can request this service

Business and Government

Steps to follow to request the service

What documents are needed to process

  • طلب رسمي من وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية يوضح الكميات المطلوبة.
  • عدم ممانعة بصرف السلع من اللجنة الرئيسية.
  • أمر شراء (في حالة الطلب من القطاع الخاص).

How the service is processed

رسالة رسمية

How long will it take

ساعتان (من وصول الطلب) في حالة التنسيق مع القطاع الخاص.

Service Provider

The Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserve

Directorate General of Commercial and Site Management Affairs

For Help

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