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Commodity Purchase request (Normal conditions)

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Service is provided to PASFR authorized distributors to purchase basic commodities, as follows:
  • Commodity purchase request.
  • Invoice issuance.
  • Check commodity price.
  • Payment and issuance of payment receipt.
  • Commodity Distribution paper.
  • Empty truck weighing.
  • Quantity distribution from stores.
  • Loaded truck weighing and issuance of weighbridge ticket.
  • Compare quantity issued with receipt and allow truck to exit.

Commodity Purchase request (Normal conditions)

Who can request this service


Steps to follow to request the service

How the service is processed


How long will it take

Two hours

Service Provider

The Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserve

PASFR Directorates

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 70 75 81

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