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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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  • Overview Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry aims to consolidate and enhance the security, stability, economical, social, and cultural growth of the country. Through peaceful coexistence and constructive dialogue, it promotes solving disputes based on respect of international laws and treaties.


    • Oman’s foreign policy is guided by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ values and vision for Oman’s role in the international arena.
    • Maintaining independence, sovereignty, and preserving the national unity.
    • Strengthening close bonds of friendship with all nations on the basis of mutual respect and common interests.
    • Ensuring non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, observing the recognized international and regional agreements, treaties, and laws that will lead to peace, security, and stability between nations and states.


    • Promote the Sultanate's political, economic, cultural and scientific interests regionally and globally.
    • Widen and strengthen friendly relations between Oman and other states.
    • Establish diplomatic relations with other countries and set up diplomatic missions to project, defend and promote the Sultanate's interests.
    • Look after Omani nationals’ affairs overseas.
    • Coordinate with other ministries and concerned organizations to explore economic and commercial opportunities between the Sultanate and other brotherly and friendly states.
    • Participate in the preparation of bilateral and multilateral joint commissions and meetings, and attend negotiations that involve the Sultanate and other partners signing agreements and treaties.
    • Assess the process of bilateral and multilateral relations between Oman and regional and international organizations.
    • Provide information to and coordinate with other ministries and competent organizations on matters that require clarification on the Sultanate's position in relation to issues that fall under the responsibility of the Ministry.
    • Monitor regional and international political events and developments and subsequently prepare analyses and assessments that serve the Sultanate's supreme interest.
    • Formulate Oman’s political stands towards the regional and international events, and shape Oman politics at the international quarters.
    • Cooperate and coordinate with other ministries and other relevant organizations in promoting investment opportunities and encouraging partnerships between the Sultanate and other states and organizations in the economical, commercial, scientific, educational and cultural domains.
    • Promote dialogue between states and resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. The realization of peace between countries creates opportunities for cooperation in sustainable development programmes.
    • Take the necessary measures for the issuance of royal decrees in the signing or ratification and maintaining of international agreements following Cabinet approval.
    • Issue letters of credentials for the Sultanate's official delegations attending related meetings abroad, and also the documents of joining and authenticating international treaties.
    • Supervise and manage the Sultanate's diplomatic missions overseas.
    • Issue diplomatic, special and service passports in accordance with the prevailing rules and provisions.
    • Oversee and manage the Omani Diplomatic Institute and prepare its academic and scientific programmes to develop and enhance the skills of the Ministry's professional officers and diplomats in accordance with Executive Regulations of the Law of Organizing MOFA.
    • Oversee accredited foreign diplomatic missions in Oman, including the Diplomatic District, and coordinate with the concerned authorities in facilitating the foreign missions' assignments.
    • Authenticate all certificates, documents, and instruments issued by the Omani ministries and organizations or those being authenticated by Omani Missions abroad.
    • Act as a Civil Registrar in accordance with the Law of Civil Status, through the Omani missions abroad.
    • Regulate the rules for creating friendship committees or associations with other states and grant ministerial approval for their formation in accordance with the prevailing regulations and rules.


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