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Registration of medicines for sale in Oman

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Offering a service to local agents of pharmaceutical companies and local pharmaceutical factories accredited in the Sultanate and those willing to market medicines produced by these companies in the local Omani market.

Registration of medicines for sale in Oman

Who can request this service

Authorized Local Agents of pharmaceutical companies, and local pharmaceutical factories in the Sultanate.

Steps to follow to request the service

  • Local Agent submit a request for appointment for the submission of all files.
  • Documents are reviewed. If all documents are correct, a fee of 75 Omani Rials (RO 75) is paid immediately. If not, documents are returned.

What documents are needed to process

  • Application Form (Form B)

Special conditions if any applicable

  • Manufacturers of pharmaceutical Products must be registered with the Ministry of Health, Oman.
  • All required certificates are authenticated by health authorities in the country of origin and attened by Oman Embassy.

How long will it take

Applications are processed within 4 months from the date of receiving the files.

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment
RO75 Revenue Service and the Ministry of Health expenses

Service Provider

Ministry of Health

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 79 47 44

Service Locations

Operating Hours
Pharmaceutical Control Service - the General Directorate of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Control - The Ministry of Health.
Sunday and Wednesday and for a period of three weeks of each month, except months in June, July and August