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Requesting Qualification Equivalency Certificate

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Equivalency of a certificate is an attestation that the certificate is academically equal to the sanctioned certificates of Oman. This attestation grants equal certification privileges to persons certified in the state, may be issued an equivalent certificate in this state upon terms and conditions determined by the department.

Requesting Qualification Equivalency Certificate

Who can request this service

•Omani and Expatriate Graduates
•Omani and Expatriate Employees of public and private sectors.

Steps to follow to request the service

A:-Process Steps
  1. The Department receives the application.
  2. It ensures complete documents are attached
  3. It ensures that the institution that issued the certificate and the major is approved.
  4. The Department communicates with the cultural attaché or the Foreign Ministry to verify the authenticity of the data of the certificate, and whether the study was regular or associate.
  5. Regular attendance at the country of study should be verified by the entry/ exit dates on the passport
B:-Procedures and forms required for requesting the service:
  • Fill in an application form.
  • Fill in form of Residency in the country of study.
  • Fill in authorization form of students studying in Australia, Britain, America, and New Zealand.

What documents are needed to process

  • Original copy of the certificate to be equalized.
  • Original copy of the transcript.
  • Copies of the previous qualifications of the certificate to be equalized.
  • Passport.

Special conditions if any applicable

  • The request is received from one of the government or private sectors’ units or organizations.
  • The original copy of the certificate and the transcript should be attached to the application. These should have been authenticated by:
    • The grantor of the certificate.
    • Foreign Ministry of the state of the institution.
    • The Cultural attaché of Oman in that country, if any.
    • In the event that the educational institution is private, the ratification of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Higher Education or equivalent is required on the seal of the educational institution provided that there should be a statement saying that the educational institution that operates under the supervision of the concerned body.
    • A copy of the certificates being obtained prior to the one under consideration should be enclosed. In case the earlier certificate is of the general secondary school obtained from outside the Sultanate, it must be equalized by the Ministry of Education. A copy of this certificate should be attached.
    • Passport.

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the accredited universities?
Students may access the MOHE website www.mohe.gov.om to see the list of the recommended universities.
  1. What are the accredited majors?
Students should contact the Qualification Department in the MOHE for this purpose.
  1. What are the degrees that are equalized in Oman?
The Qualification Department equalizes the academic certificates only.
  1. What is meant by falsification of a certificate?

There are two types of falsification:
  1. Partial falsification: Some changes are made on an original certificate like changing the name of student, the name of the institution, or the date of issuance) in order to obtaining an unfair advantage.
  2. Full fabrication: This means issuance of a qualification (not original) which is not issued by an accredited institution. It might be done by forgery or what is known “certificates factory”. These could be fabricated copies of certificates from accredited institutions.

Service Provider

Ministry of Higher Education

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