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Complaints submitted against Judges

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  • The Administration shall have jurisdiction to examine and investigate the complaints submitted against judges in connection with their work, duties or conduct.
  • This Administration is not a stage of litigation, nor does it have the power to amend or revoke judgments.
  • All complaints submitted against judges about matters related to their work, duties or conduct shall be referred to the Administration General of Judicial Inspection.
  • Complaints shall be entered in a special register at the Administration General according to the date of its receipt , and what has been done in its regard shall be indicated therein .
  • No action shall be taken in relation to any complaint that does not state the name of the complainant, domicile or place of residence, unless it includes facts which the Head of the Directorate General of Judicial Inspection deems worthy of examination and investigation. He may , after each investigation he decide, shelve any complaint if it is proved to be unworthy or based on malice and bias.
  • The Administration General of Judicial Inspection shall charge an inspector with the examination and investigate the complaint submitted against any judge.
  • Where the complaint is about a delay in deciding of an action, postponing it or slackening any of its procedures, the Directorate General of Judicial Inspection may refer it to the competent court to examine, investigate it and furnish him with its findings.

Complaints submitted against Judges

Who can request this service

Complainants to the Administration General of Judicial Inspection both nationals and residents.

Steps to follow to request the service

  1. Submitting a letter to His Honour the President of the General Administration of Judicial Inspection indicating the name of the judge (5) complained of , the subject matter of the complaint and the full name of the complainant, his address and telephone number
  2. Statement of the kind of action and its number (civil, shariite, commercial, penal or labour)

Fee to be paid

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Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

Director of Secretariat and Typing Department- General Administration of Judicial Inspection

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 67 96 24 /ext.543 or 616

Service Locations

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General Diwan of Ministry
from saturday to wednesday
from 7:30AM to 2:30PM