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Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Overview Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) was established on 15th May 1973 as a public utility organization that aims at regulating, representing, protecting commercial and industrial interests in the different fields.
OCCI, that has its headquarter in Muscat and branches at the various governorates, has its own independent juristic personality.

General Assembly
The General Assembly of OCCI consists of all members affiliated to it and who have paid their subscription fees. The GA discusses and approves the annual, the final audited accounts and the proposed budget for the upcoming year.

The Board of Directors
OCCI Board of Directors undertakes its obligations in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and the Executive Regulation. The Board carries out the powers specified at the Executive Regulation and consists of 15 members, namely:

  1. Five from Muscat Governorate. They are elected by secret ballot from OCCI registered members.
  2. Chairmen of the BoDs at OCCI branches in the other governorates.
Executive Office:
The Executive Office looks into some of the issues related to developing the performance of the executive apparatus for OCCI. It also handles different aspects related to events either organized by OCCI or at which OCCI will participate.


To develop the Omani private sector and to make it a key partner in the sustainable economic development.


  • Regulate business and industry interests, represent them and protect them in different domains.
  • Activate economic work in the Sultanate through active participation at the development plans and initiatives undertaken to diversify sources of national economy.
  • Encourage private sector enterprises to play an active role in the development process by setting up ventures in the different fields.
  • Represent the Sultanate and the Omani private sector at the different regional and international gatherings to reflect the Omani points of view towards different issues.


  • Amicable settlement of disputes
  • Applying for the OCCI website membership
  • Authentication
  • Economic consultation and information
  • Editing the company information
  • Hall Booking
  • Introduction of mainstream events
  • Papers and economic and statistical reports
  • Promotion of national products
  • Providing legal advice and opinions
  • Providing of Information on The Commercial Activities
  • Providing the publications of the chamber
  • Re-issue Registration Certificate
  • Receiving events invitations
  • Renewal of the registration certificate
  • Research and Economic Studies
  • Use of OCCI Logo for different events

Establishment Address

  1. P.O.Box
  2. P.C
  3. City
  4. Phone
    +968 24 76 37 00
  5. Fax
    +968 24 70 84 97
  6. Email
  7. Web Site