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Request for Establishing a Printing Office

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This service is provided for establishing a Commercial Press Office for printing books, records, notebooks, copybooks, invoices, brochures, cards, etc.

Request for Establishing a Printing Office

Who can request this service

Omani Nationals and Foreign Investors

Steps to follow to request the service

  1. First Step: Submission of application and the supporting documents.
  2. Second Step: Getting approval and registering the business at the competent authority.
  3. Third Step: Attaching the documents of completion of registration.
  4. Fourth Step: Visiting the printing office.
  5. Final approval by registering the business at the operating publishing houses.

What documents are needed to process

  • Application letter addressed to the Director of Press and Publications, Ministry of Information. The letter should illustrate the desire of the founder(s) to establish a publishing house and the nature of the business, and its location.
  • Copy of ID card of the founder(s).
  • Copy of the Form of registering the Commercial Name approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Ex. (Al Thurya Publication House, Blue Ink Publication House, Al Zahra Publication House, ect.)
  • Copy of the commercial registration, the computer document, and subscription certificate, and the signatory sample for the establishment in case of adding an activity (if any).
  • Approval of the Ministry of Interior if the printing office is outside Muscat Governorate.
  • Good Conduct Certificate for Omani nationals, and ROP clearance certificate for non- Omani citizens. This should be issued by the DG of Criminal Investigations, ROP.

Special conditions if any applicable

  • Commitment to the Law of Press and Publications and its executive by-law.

How the service is processed

The applicant would be informed by phone, or he may approach the Ministry.

How long will it take

- One month and a half

Forms related to this service

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Service Provider

Ministry of Information

Legal Procedures

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 61 77 26
  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 61 77 81

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